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30 years of focus  Dyeing and Finishing machineryChina cheese dyeing machine industry standard-setting unit


The trusted choice for Fortune 500 brands The trust of the brand choice - Dongqing

Dongqing dyeing machine
selection of the five core strengthsChina's leading professional dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturers

30 years of dyeing and finishing machinery production experience!Professional and technical, marketing team

After more than 20 years of continuous development and innovation, our company has

a strong technical force and advanced production equipment, and gathered a group of outstanding technical management personnel.

Uphold serious and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative production

concept, has made sustained, high-speed development.

The country has three offices, customer service more convenient.

Zhejiang Yiwu Office Huangzhai Town Contact: Zou Dehuai 139 5794 0038

Guangzhou Office Sanyuanli Contact: Qian Jianhua 136 6008 3758

Fujian Shishi Office Jin Shang Contact: Yao Mingjing 138 1227 3175

Adequate supply, quality assurance, the same
quality and optimal price!

Adequate supply company to meet customer requirements for rapid
delivery, cost-effective products for customers to save time and save
costs 10 percent.

Harsh factory testing procedures, access to a number of product quality certification!

Repeated access to "customer satisfaction products" and "service satisfaction unit" award;

Through a number of products ISO9001 international quality system certification and CE certification;

Products from the production to the library, have a strict factory inspection system;

The company has the right to import-export operations, to facilitate foreign customers.

Dongqing dyeing machinery manufacturing
industry, has a strong technical team
  According to customer demand tailor-made exclusive solution!

customized product Machine maintenance
Parts repair Solve difficult problems

High-quality, high-quality after-sales service,
so you no worries

2 hours response to customer calls to provide solutions or 24 hours
rushed to the user site processing (only domestic users);

The warranty period can be extended to two years;

After the expiration of the warranty period, the same services will be
provided for life, and we will only charge round trip travel expenses
and replace the cost of parts;

Free of charge within one year of wearing parts.

Dongqing dyeing machineryInnovation and manufacturing, change production, build Dyeing and finishing equipment industry pioneer!


Be the most refined
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Wuxi Dongqing Dyeing and Finishing Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional textile dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturer. It is situated in Qianzhou Town,Wuxi City-a well-known machinery manufaturing base beside beautiful Taihu Lake.After over a decade of exploitation, innovation, technological advancement, scientific management and enterprise cultural development...See details >

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Common problem/ FAQ

What are the ways to install a dyeing machine?
1, the first is to determine the location of dyeing machine installation, but before installing the dyeing machine, it is best to reserve equipment maintenance...
High temperature and high pressure dyeing machine's main technical performance?
1, with a cloth motor, frequency control, cloth speed up to 600m / min; 2, the new structure design so that cloth blank at low tension...
Dyeing machine operating procedures
(1) the various parts of machinery and equipment, should always be checked, such as whether the fastening fasteners. If there is a problem...
High temperature and high pressure dyeing machine is mainly applied to what?
High temperature and high pressure dyeing machine is mainly applied to all kinds of high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing of flat woven fabrics...